Icons.com is thrilled to introduce Mystery Memorabilia, a brand new mystery box product that brings you all the excitement of authentic signed memorabilia with a surprise twist.  

The Mystery Memorabilia concept is simple. Buy a box from Icons.com and you’ll receive a shirt signed by one of the greats of football… you just won’t know who you’ve got until you unbox it! 

After you’ve purchased from our Mystery Memorabilia collection, our team package your surprise shirt at random from our curated collection and seal it in our brand new sleek and stylish Mystery Memorabilia box.

We’ve launched with two unique and iconic boxes on offer: a European Champion Edition and a World Champion Edition.

If you purchase our European Champion Edition you are guaranteed to receive a shirt signed by a winner of Europe’s top club cup competition. No runners-up, no messing around. Potential pulls include Lionel Messi, Paolo Maldini, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Xavi, Christian Pulisic, Deco, Ryan Giggs and Jack Grealish – to name a famous few!

Our World Champion Edition takes things up a notch. Buy this box and you’re guaranteed to pull a world champion, a player who has reached the very top of the game. Messi signed shirts are included again, along with the likes of Andres Iniesta, Francesco Totti, Rivaldo, Fernando Torres, Marco Materazzi, Fabio Cannavaro, Roberto Carlos and many more.

As these are exclusive signed shirts with a limited quantity available, we don’t as yet have the option for you to state your preferences for which players and/or clubs to include or exclude.

Remember: shirts are boxed-up completely at random. This means you may receive a shirt from a player or club who is a rival to your favourite player or club. Please be prepared for and accepting of this eventuality as this is the nature of mystery box products.

With this in mind our standard returns policy is in effect. So, if you find you are dissatisfied with your order, you may return your box for a refund, providing your shirt is still in a new and unused condition. Please note that you will be responsible for return postage costs within 14 days (returning the item to us within 30 days).