About Icons.com

Icons is the world’s leading football memorabilia brand and the most trusted operation in the game. Authenticity is everything to us, as it is everything to our customers. As such we wanted to layout our credentials to you if you’re looking to comparison shop with another seller of signed merchandise, ask yourselves these specific questions. If their answers reassure you then fair enough, we think the case for choosing Icons is compelling.

Icons have been in business since 1999. As such we are one of the oldest memorabilia operators in the country, if not the world. We bought our domain name (www.icons.com) way back in the 90’s and Google rankings for any site are based on its longevity, its quality, the number of links from globally recognised sites and the accuracy of its content. Type in any kind of signed shirt product into Google and we will come out at, or very near the top of any search. This takes 14 years of hard work to achieve and cannot be done overnight. In this market companies spring up overnight and disappear just as quickly. Longevity, history and reputation in this business mean everything.

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