The Directors of Icons have bought the majority stake back from Marka PJSC and now have full control of the company.

London, 4 August 2020 – Icons Shop Limited, the UK-based signed memorabilia company, today announced that it had bought back the majority stake previously owned by  Marka PJSC. Marka acquired a 65% share in 2015. 

The investment enabled Icons to create the largest football-focussed memorabilia company in the world, predominantly through the purchase of the assets of then rival A1.

Icons was awarded the first ever football memorabilia licence by FIFA in 2010 to produce a range of signed FIFA World Cup products. In July 2012, Icons was awarded the first ever licence for the UEFA Champions League and in 2016 the first ever license for the UEFA European Championships. All three deals have subsequently been renewed.

Icons are pleased to announce that they have entered into contractual arrangements with all-time great Diego Maradona to undertake signings and social promotion for the company.

Icons are also pleased to announce a three-year worldwide exclusive memorabilia licence with FC Barcelona, the first such deal of its kind in the world.

Dan Jamieson, CEO of Icons said: “Icons is the world’s leading football memorabilia company and the most trusted operation in the game.

“By returning the shares to the original team we are free to pursue our ambitious plans for growth and to continue to lead the market with the most iconic products of all-time.”

Edward Freedman, founder and now Chairman of Icons, said: “We’ve enjoyed working with the Marka team but now the time is right to take back control and press forward.”

For more information please contact Icons CEO, Dan Jamieson, via