It’s that time again. Who is going to win the World Cup? Who is going to score for fun? Will there be suprises and disappointments? Here are the Icons team’s expectations for the World Cup in Brazil.

Dan Jamieson, Managing Director

World Cup winners: Germany

Runner-ups: Argentina

Top goal scorer: Sergio Aguero

Early exiters: Spain, Portugal, Italy

Surprise packages: Teams – South-Korea, Japan, Colombia. Players – Raheem Sterling, Marouane Fellaini, Shinji Kagawa.

Random predictions: Rooney to be dropped by the England’s last game, Klose to level Ronaldo’s goalscoring record, Brazil to fall short due to lack of flair.


Margaret Plunkett, Head of Customer Service

World Cup winners: Argentina

Runner-ups: Brazil

Top goal scorer: Sergio Aguero or Karim Benzema

Early exiters: Portugal, Spain

Surprise packages: Teams – Ivory Coast, Belgium, Chile. Players – Paul Pogba.

Random predictions: England to finish at least 1 game with 10 men, Germany to be knocked out in quarter final’s, Ivory Coast to reach the semis.

Ben Soley, Marketing and Sales Manager

World Cup winners: Brazil

Runner-ups: Argentina

Top goal scorer: Lionel Messi or Fred

Early exiters: Netherlands, Uruguay

Surprise packages: Teams – Switzerland, Bosnia. Players – Aturo Vidal, James Rodriguez.

Random predictions: Messi to play against CR7 at some point, Oz to concede 10 or more in the group stages, England’s youth to beat Italy or Uruguay, Brazil and Spain out in the semis.


Scott Hutchinson, US Partner

World Cup winners: Argentina

Runner-ups: Germany

Top goal scorer: Sergio Aguero

Early exiters: Brazil, Spain

Surprise packages: USA to get revenge vs. Ghana, finish level with Portugal, get a respectable result vs. Germany, and advance into the knockout stage.

Random predictions: England beats Italy outright, the English nation turns from sour pessimists to unbridled joy and support.


Edward Freedman, Chairman

World Cup winners: Argentina

Runner-ups: Spain

Top goal scorer: Lionel Messi

Early exiters: England, Cameroon

Surprise packages: Teams – Japan, Colombia. Players – Wayne Rooney (because he will be dropped when it doesn’t matter).

Random predictions: During every press conference, Roy Hodgson will be defending the English performance by blaming the heat.

Harm Jan Deuring, represents Mainland Europe

World Cup winners: Brazil

Runner-ups: Uruguay

Top goal scorer: Karim Benzema or Robin van Persie

Early exiters: England, Spain

Surprise packages: Teams – Japan, Colombia. Players – Keisuke Honda.

Random predictions: During every press conference, Louis van Gaal will make clear (read: shout!) to English journalists he will not answer any questions about ManU-related transfer rumours. “That is a stupid question!”

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