Why We Do What We Do

We know the world of memorabilia can be a confusing place. Whether you’re buying for the first time or the fiftieth time, you’re bound to have questions about the items you’re interested in purchasing. We want you to shop with confidence so that's why we're here to tell you why we do what we do. Starting with our Certificates...

All our signed items come with an official Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Regular products come with an Icons branded COA, authenticated by our CEO Dan Jamieson. The COA acts as your proof that the signature on the item you have is authentic. On it you’ll find any and all details that we have available to us, such as the date the item was signed; the city in which it was signed; and photographic evidence of the player signing the item. If we have it, we’ll display it. 

Our Icons COAs also have a uniquely-coded hologram stuck to them – this matches another hologram that we place on the product. Licensed products, such as our Official Messi Signed Merchandise and official FIFA World Cup products, come with a very similar COA. These COAs have their own branding and styles but serve their purpose in exactly the same manner as all other Icons COAs.

We're constantly looking for new ways to prove our products are the real deal and we remain committed to that goal.

After all, authenticity means everything to us because it means everything to you.

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