Luis Suarez Signed Official 2014-15 UEFA Champions League Final Football

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Acrylic Football Display Case
Acrylic Football Display Case

Certificate of Authenticity

Accompanies every signed item
Provides all known signing details
Gives photo proof where available
Secured with coded holograms

An official Certificate of Authenticity (COA) from Icons.com guarantees the signature on the item you order is 100% genuine. We believe our COAs are among the very best in the world and provide our customers with the assurance that what they buy is authentic. It means everything to us because it means everything to you.

Upon an Icons.com Certificate of Authenticity you will find detailed information and trustworthy security features that safeguard authenticity and protect your item from duplication or tampering. Where available to us, your COA will feature photographic evidence of your item being signed and give details of where and when the signing took place. Official holograms are placed our items as well, giving you added affirmation of authenticity.


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