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Cristiano Ronaldo signs for Icons, and only Icons

by Dan 17. February 2012 06:37

As you know Icons has a long-standing relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo. We did our first signing with the Portuguese superstar in 2005 when he was only 20 and had just arrived in Manchester. His years with Manchester United were especially successful for him, the team and for Icons as his worldwide popularity grew to almost unprecedented levels.

Ronaldo first signing with Icons.com

When he moved to Real Madrid in the summer of 2009 as the world's most expensive ever footballer, Icons were the first and only people to secure a Madrid signing with Cristiano. Since then Cristiano has gone on to establish himself as the greatest goalscorer in world football today, averaging 6 league goals for ever 5 games he's played in over the past two seasons.

Ronaldo with Icons Chairman, Edward Freedman

This season he has already scored 6 hat tricks and Icons undertook their second Madrid signing with him in February this year. With Real Madrid 10 points clear in La Liga at this moment in time, surely more silverware and accolades are coming his way. Coming into his prime at only 27, and with the Champions League and European Championships to look forward too, where he is the captain of his national team, it seems that this year is destined to be a monumental one for the 2008 World Footballer of the Year.

Icons' latest signing with Cristiano

Check out below some of the photos of Ronaldo signing throughout the past seven years with Icons. Icons are proud to have an on-going long-term relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, we've seen him grow from his early United days into the global superstar he is today, and this trusting relationship means he only signs for Icons, and no-one else, whatever their websites may say

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