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Icons at the World Cup: World Cup best-sellers

by Dan 6. July 2010 12:40
While we were in South Africa we were able to cast our expert eye over the stuff being sold out there. We can't say that all of it was 100% FIFA authorised but all we know is what was popular and what everyone out there was buying.

Wing mirror socks

These little beauties were everywhere, little socks you can slip over your wing-mirrors to show your support. This is our friend Ali's car, but she had South African window flags to show she supported the home nation too.

Wing mirror socks used on petrol caps

If you take one of the wing-mirror socks you can adapt it for your petrol cap to also show your support

The Makarapa hat

These weird hats were all the rage, basically hard hats with the tops cut out and pushed forward, each in it's own individual style. These was even a reality TV show called 'Chase the Makarapa' with contestants from different countries touring round in a van annoying each other with the last one left standing winning a cash prize, and a silly hat.

The shu-shu-zela

Outside the ground, local sellers were flogging ear-plugs marketed as 'Shu-shu-zelas' which was a nice touch. The local posh mall had their own way of keeping out the vuvus.

VISA's view of England fans

Nice to see what official corporate partner VISA thought of as a typical England fan.

Official hairdresser to the FIFA World Cup TM

I don't think these guys went through the official channels, do you?

Boris Johnson cups, or not

Last and not least, we saw the Cape Town fan park using this ad to sell their special World 'Cups'. We misread it and thought they were selling pictures of Boris, but when they came back with a plastic coffee mug, we were extweemly disappointed.

All in all, nothing could compete with a classic icons signed shirt of course, but you've got to hand it to the entrepreneurial spirit of our hosts.


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